Wally Tango

Tango is a further step forward in the evolution of the high performance super yachts, benefitting from the previous Wallycento units experience. 

She successfully combines superior performance with style resulting fast and beautiful. Tango’s super sleek lines and aggressive overall appeal convey her high performance DNA.Additionally, Wally’s approach of form reflects function to improve the sailing experience, is epitomised in the sheer flush deck in the like of  the iconic Esense: besides enhancing the purity of the design, it would facilitate the manoeuvres while racing.  
The engineering and naval architecture optimised the layout with the structure to reduce structural weight, improve hull stiffness, and centralise the significant machinery weights to reduce pitching inertias.  The hull shape exhibits a combination of low drag in lighter conditions and increased stability in more wind that makes Tango extremely versatile.  
The sporty yet chic interiors perfectly match the superyacht personality, and accommodate up to six guests in three cabins. The forward owners’ stateroom has a unique huge sliding hatch to help the sail handling while racing and to provide under the sky effect while cruising.

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